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Did Someone Just Diss Your Company on Twitter?

reputation monitoringCompanies, just like people, can get a bad reputation. The problem is that it is not always easy to find out what the “word on the street” is about your business name. Protecting the integrity of your image and name is crucial to the success of your internet marketing efforts and the success of your business. The best thing to do is to keep your brand identity clean in the first place. The problem is that isn’t always possible.

The next best thing is to be able to defend the honor of your company or brand name. Of course, the only way you can do this is by reputation monitoring or buzz monitoring in order try to find out what it is people are saying about your business or brand. Even if you are getting direct feedback or reading comments on websites such as Facebook in relation to your brand, you still may not be getting the insight you need. So, the trick is to find out what the buzz around the social media networking sites is when it comes to your business.

Using SocialMention as a Tool for Success

When it comes to your business’s reputation, it is important to find out what is being said about it. SocialMention is a useful tool that acts like a spy to pick up what the word about the internet is in relation to your business. Don’t keep your head in the sand about how people view your business. Assuming people are saying only good things or that the direct positive feedback you get is all that is being talked about. Get the scoop and see behind the scenes by getting the real story on what people are saying about your brand and business.

SocialMention is a site that enables you to get notifications on a daily basis about any alerts for mentions of your brand or business name. In addition to utilizing this site for your brand name, you can even include alerts to searches for mentions of your CEO, social media marketing campaign or even your competition. You can use the site like a search engine or set up an alert to receive email notifications.

What about Other Methods?

Probably the top two contenders that come close to providing the same watchdog service for your company or brand name are Google tools. Google Alerts and Google Trends are both methods that can help you get the low down on what people have to say about your brand. Google Trends is better for offering ideas on what keywords are popular and which may be better alternatives based upon what’s trending.

Google Alerts, however, will also send you alerts by email to notify you if certain keywords are used somewhere online or within social media marketing. This can be quite effective, but SocialMention may be even more effective based upon the fact that is geared to do searches for business and brand names. You may want to try both to be a wise business owner.

Whatever method you choose –it is crucial to be aware of how people view and what they are saying about your business.

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