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5 Top SEO FAQs Answered

seoThe easiest way to gain an understanding of what SEO is would be to review some information about questions others have had about SEO. Whether your question is included here or not, the answers should give some insight to help clarify your understanding of it. If they don’t, there are still other places to get even more detailed information about SEO.

# 1 — What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the term implies, this is the approach to use to optimize your site’s traffic by increasing the chances of better results through search engines usage.

# 2 — What exactly is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is sometimes also referred to as natural SEO. This is a desirable but challenging task to achieve as it means your site naturally ranks high as a search result without the need for buying this type of placement or using what some could consider as unethical tactics. One main reason organic SEO is optimal is that you are more likely to retain this ranking over a steady period of time. Ethical and unethical approaches to SEO are often referred to white hat and black hat.

# 3 — Why is my SEO not working?

For one thing, you may not be using enough or any of the tactics needed to get your SEO working for you. For instance, is your site designed in a way which is friendly and understandable to search engines? Have you structured the information on your site in a way that declares your site’s focus and area of expertise? Or if you have been using black hat search engine optimization methods to try to get more traffic, your page could get banned. You also may not have properly submitted your site through Google Webmaster Tools. Further, do you have a content marketing strategy which feeds the search engines with regular, QUALITY content about subjects in your industry? If not, then its time to get a full list of possibilities and check each one against your efforts.

# 4 — Did I do the right keyword research?

Surprisingly users of SEO often think they know which keywords will work the best but could easily be wrong. Not to mention trends can change what keywords would work best for your site. Using tools such as Google AdWords and Google Trends will help you determine how your choices rank and if there may be some alternatives that would work better.

# 5 — How can I use SEO to get in the top ranks for search engine results?

This is an ongoing study and task that can change at any given moment. There are, however, some constants that will help such as having that search engine compatible web design. Keep in mind also that flash websites are not able to be read by search engines. Back links are a vital key to having better search engine results. Also, it is a good idea to avoid black hat approaches to SEO. Your keywords are important, but as crucial as it is to use them, it is also important to make sure you do not overuse them.

There are plenty more questions to answer about search engine optimization, but this covers some of the basics to get started. The important part is to work towards understanding it so you can use it correctly and see results for your own website.

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