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The Academy - Marketing Newsletter2

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 12-03-23

Supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer behavior and the rising cost of living have all contributed to the perfect storm of inflation. Rising prices can be…

Wordpress Custom Post Types

A Guide to Using WordPress Custom Post Types

What's WordPress? Well, if you've ever talked about making a website, you've probably heard of it. This content management system has been around since 2003…

Email open rates

10 Actionable Tips to Skyrocket Your Email Response Rates

The singular goal when sending out an email is to get a response. That response could come in various forms, including clicking on a specific…

Custom reports in GA4

Beginner’s Guide to Creating Custom Reports and Dashboards in GA4

Google Analytics 4 provides ample insight into your business without any customization. You can use it right out of the box and get information that…

Instagram business profiles

How to Create the Right Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing photos; it's a powerful social media tool within your business strategy. As of 2023, Instagram has…

How to address price increases

How to Address Price Increases for Products or Services with Customers

Nothing lasts forever. This is true in business as it is in life, and at some point, you may need to raise your prices to…

The Academy - Marketing Newsletter3

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 11-12-23

What's a key part of growing your organization? To grow, you must attract and engage the right people. We often refer to this as an…

Website accessibility

Common Website Accessibility Mistakes

Accessibility is an important topic for all businesses. For a business with a physical location, it’s essential to comply with ADA regulations to make sure…

Remarketing List Strategies for PPC

Turning Clicks into Conversions: Remarketing Strategies for PPC

Pay-per-click ads are an effective tool for reaching customers and securing conversions. When paired with solid SEO work and a few other key fundamentals, PPC…

The Academy - Newsletter 022022

Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 10-29-23

Social media is a place where people get together and share openly about things they like, things they don’t like and everything in between. If…

Key Metrics to Track and Analyze

Measuring SEO Success: Key Metrics to Track and Analyze

In 2023, there are a staggering 1.13 billion websites on the internet, but only about 200 million are actively used. Regardless, that’s a LOT of…

75 - Annual planning and clarity breaks

Podcast Ep. #75 – Annual Business Planning and The Clarity Break

We're well into the fourth quarter of the year, so today on the Academy I wanted to talk a little bit about strategic business planning.…

Event Tracking in GA4

Utilizing Event Tracking in GA4 for Advanced Analytics

Google Analytics has long been the standard for website owners and managers to learn about the performance of their digital properties. While the shift from…

Intro to LinkedIn Ads hero

An Introduction to LinkedIn Ads

When you think about running digital ads for your business, you probably think first about the standard social media platforms and search hubs like Google…

Your ideal audience

How to Find and Understand Your Ideal Audience

When you boil it down, the entire goal of digital marketing is to find your audience out there on the web. If you can find…


SEO Fundamentals Guide: How to Get Found Online

This white paper will introduce you to the SEO fundamentals you should be implementing to take your website to the next level and ultimately get found online by potential customers.