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Blog Posts: Does Anyone Really Comment Anymore?

There was a time when contributions to the comment section of a blog were actually useful or at least interesting. With time, however, this seems to have become a dying art. The few remaining contributors seem to be posting under false pretense merely to promote their own business. Is there even any point to having a comment section where others can comment on blogs anymore?

It seems that nowhere online is safe from the potential spamming from blogs to other popular social media marketing approaches. Even Facebook users find their fan pages can get bogged down with spamming content instead of anything with real substance. The bottom line is that the act of commenting on blogs is dying, and other social media networking sites are taking their place, although even this approach is not without fault. Those who create, maintain and post blogs are wondering if the work and effort is worth it. The return seems minimal when compared to the amount of time and effort spent blogging, especially if the only comments a blog fetches are spam.

About Social Media Networking Sites

The downside to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is that while there is no direct help with SEO, there is a better opportunity for direct engagement. Also, users are more likely to be monitoring these sites, which makes it easier to delete inappropriate posts. You can also set up most social networking sites so that others are not allowed to post comments or these comments must first be approved by the administrator.

Does this really help and offer as effective a content marketing platform as blogs once did though? The answer sadly is not really. Of course, the efforts of others through spamming on blogs are a bit wasted as there is no real SEO value for this approach either. As previously reported ‘commenting’ on blogs has little or no SEO value. Regardless, the spammers still take the time and make the effort to use this route to leave their mark and do the damage. While sites such as Askimet come standard now with WordPress installations that help prevent this, it also means the loss of blog comments with real substance.

Other Things to Know

“Marketers” or spammers are causing real damage to the world of social media marketing by approaching things this way. People are reconsidering having blogs at all or disabling the feature that allows others to leave comments. At one point, this was half of the reason people created blogs and content marketing, for the feedback. If you are not convinced this is a problem, think of other examples where spammers have already hurt social media marketing. Consider how spammers have already been abusing technology in an attempt to lure potential customers in through SEO or search engine optimization.

Email is one of the best examples of a method of social media marketing being hard hit by spam abuse. Consider also Twitter’s proliferation of spam content. It seems these methods of content marketing and social networking are being ruined by spammers.

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