PPC glossary hero

Pay-Per-Click Glossary of Terms

Using pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to pick up a quick flow of traffic to your website. While organic SEO is a…

Leverage AI for content creation

How to Leverage AI for Content Creation (Without Sounding Like a Robot)

While it is yet to be seen exactly how artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT change the digital landscape, we can say one thing for certain…

LinkedIn InMail Ads

Leveraging LinkedIn InMail Ads for B2B Outreach

If you own or operate a business, you should be on LinkedIn. There are simply too many opportunities for connections available on this platform to…

double opt-in

Double Opt-In for Email List Subscription: Necessary or Not?

When you start up a new digital tactic like email marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the best practices and requirements. But…


Why It Can Take Time to See Results with Digital Marketing

Everyone wants fast results. Whether it’s in business or anything else, it’s not fun to wait around to see your hard work start to pay…


Advice for Starting Your Own Podcast

A podcast is a great way to connect with an audience. It doesn’t matter if that audience is big or small, you can effectively use…


Utilizing PPC in Your New Product Launch Strategy

Launching a new product is an exciting time for a business. Plenty of hard work has surely gotten you to the point of bringing a…


B2B Content Creation Ideas

Content is the backbone of any quality digital marketing strategy. That is true for B2C companies, and it is just as true for B2B companies.…


How Page Builders Like Elementor Help Streamline the Website Development Process

Building a website from scratch is an intimidating task. There is a whole world of possibilities out there for your new site, and it can…

Business marketing seasonality

Seasonality: The Reason Your Results Are Down?

It can be frustrating to see the results from your website decline. Whether you are noticing a dip in traffic, a drop-off in sales, or…


How to Generate Repeat Sales with Email Automation

The hardest thing to do in business is to earn a new customer. For someone who has never purchased from you previously, to commit to…


Keys to Designing a Successful B2B Website

Building any website is a challenge. But, building an amazing website is an even bigger mountain to climb. There are many different parts of the…


How Much Should I Spend on Digital Marketing?

At this point in history, it’s no longer a matter of whether or not your business should be engaging in digital marketing. Using digital promotional…


Google Maps and Waze Merge Unlocks New Advertising Opportunities in the App

The navigational capability of mobile smartphones is one of the features that have caused these devices to play such a major role in modern life.…


Feature, Benefit, Feeling: A Framework for Improving PPC Ad Copywriting

There is simply no substitute for great PPC (pay-per-click) copy with Google Ads. Sure, you can do tons of keyword research, get to know your…