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Using digital marketing to hire

Many companies are trying to hire but need a good strategy. They need a good “playbook” that’ll achieve their goals. That’s where we’d like to help.

Today we’re going to be listening in on a recent community training event that we put on at Sanctuary that was led by our Director of Strategy Lauren Zils. 

We know that many companies struggle with hiring and retaining employees. It can be quite a challenge these days to get the word out, to convince good people to even show up to an interview and influence their decision to come on board and stay.

Many companies are trying to achieve these goals but need a good strategy. They need a good “playbook” that’ll achieve all these goals and more. That’s where we’d like to help.

Listen in today as Lauren discusses, not only how to get the word out, but what you need to be doing to convince great people to even apply. It’s more than just writing a job description and posting openings on job boards and your website. If you haven’t thought much past the basics then this presentation is for you.

About Sanctuary:

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Lauren Zils
About Lauren Zils:

Lauren Zils is an industry-leading digital marketer with a solid understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem and what it takes to drive results for her clients. She is a driven professional, never afraid of a challenge and always willing to tackle even the most daunting project.

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