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The benefits of getting listed on Acxiom

Acxiom is one of the largest data distributors online and one of the only services that actually charges a fee. Is the cost worth it?

At the end of this post about how to submit to Acxiom it explains the $50 cost to submit and distribute data through Acxiom. Basically it comes down to giving you the ability to properly optimize and manage your listing which is extremely important. Currently Acxiom distributes to many priority sites and services like, and others. Looks like their data might be used by Apple and Siri as well (according to David Mihm). Here is a visual on the main ways that data is distributed through Acxiom and others.

$50 doesn’t seem like a lot if you have one location or if you’re a large profitable business. But what if you have hundreds of locations? This could really add up for even the largest businesses. So is it worth it?

So my opinion? Hell yea it’s worth it. Stop what you’re doing now and get it started. Get started right with this post.

More info about Acxiom distribution:

• Directly to over 80 companies in the Internet Yellow Page and Local Search marketplace

• Directly to the largest search engine (It actually says “search engine” on their site so I’m assuming that this is simply a typo)

• 250+ distribution partners through online private labeled solutions

• Directly to the top directory print publishers

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