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SEO: What Is Your Domain Authority?

domain authorityIf there is a single metric that you should be focusing your link building and SEO efforts on, it is your domain authority. But, if you don’t know what domain authority is, you may not be able to make any real gains. If you are planning to do anything in the field of internet marketing, you have to understand and use this knowledge correctly.

What Is Domain Authority, Exactly?

The simplest answer to this question is that it is a prediction for how your website might perform in the search engine rankings. Because there are so many signals to determine this score (150 in all), it can be quite complicated. Scores are ranked from 0 to 100 and tend to fluctuate from week to week or even day to day.

Domain authority can be difficult to influence, at least directly. It is not like search engine optimization that can allow you to perform certain tasks to boost your rankings. While you cannot specifically gear your efforts to increasing your domain authority, you can make sure that you are improving your overall search engine optimization skills.

How Important Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority, as one of the best predictions of how well your site will perform when compared to the millions of others, can be vitally important. Why would you waste your search engine optimization efforts if you are not focusing on the overall package? Your link building skills are just as important to how high you can push your site’s ranking on the search engine results page.

How Can I Learn What My Domain Authority Is?

Knowing what your domain authority number is can be just as important to understand it’s worth to your site. One way to learn your domain authority ranking is by visiting, which is a website with more than 58 billion url listings and over nine trillion links. You can go to this site and enter your website or the link and see the results.

How Do I Increase My Domain Authority?

The best way to boost your domain authority is with quality links from other sites that have equally high domain authority. Great content is the key to getting those quality links. After all, if the content on a site is less than high quality it will decrease the rankings of that site.

You can determine the quality of the content and the link and therefore get a good idea of the domain authority via the RAT checklist. RAT stands for Relevance, Authority and Transfer.

Relevance: Does the link have a theme? Can you anchor texts to the links or to the website that eventually links back to you?

Authority: One of the main ingredients to increasing domain authority via quality linking is time.

Transfer: You gain value from links that can be transferred within the website from page to page via links.

As long as you can create a link that works, you can increase your domain authority.

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