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Google Webmaster Tools Gets an Update

google webmaster toolsWhile Google Webmaster Tools is already an efficient way to help your site or blog get more traffic, better visibility and higher rankings for searches, it has also recently improved. If you haven’t already been using it, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about it and get started. If you have already been using it, then you will probably just want to know about the changes and what Google Webmaster Tools has to offer now.

Google Webmaster Tools is a handy and fairly user friendly web service put in place by Google for webmasters. One of the best things about this useful tool is that is is free of charge. The main purposes for this service are to be able to analyze as well as work on issues a site may be having and to maximize the visibility of a website. This valuable resource also helps with crawling and indexing for your site.

This has also become extremely important for those who have established a website that does not bring the anticipated traffic or is not performing as desired. Google Webmaster Tools can let you know how your site is performing by alerting you to areas of the site Google has difficulties reaching. Ultimately the point is to use the Google tool in order to make your site more Google friendly.

Search Engine Optimization Optimized – The recent improvements to Google Webmaster Tools means enhanced alignment with keyword search rankings. Not to mention it also helps with impression and changes. In other words your search queries can now be better and have improved results.

What about Sitemaps? The improvements mean greater visibility on errors. You can also expect more detail on the pages being crawled and indexed.

Good News for Top Search Queries – When Google Webmaster Tools made its most recent updates there was also some focus on the Top Search Queries. With the upgrades came more appropriate match expectations in relation to search engine rankings. This is especially good news for those users who previously thought the results did not match what the expected results should be when conducting a search, even a specific one.

Testing Sitemaps – Before submission, you can now test your Sitemaps thanks to improvements made on the Google Webmaster Tools. This was another area in which users feedback helped result in change. Not only that by the manner in which the errors are pointed out has changed, making it easier for developers and users to understand and alter.

Deleting Sitemaps – Another recent change is the way the delete button function works with the Google Webmaster Tools. When you use the delete button now, it will actually remove the Sitemap from Webmaster Tools including your account and accounts of the owners of the deleted site.

There are other improvements, but these are some of the main ones you may find benefit you greatly.

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