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Business Growth and Digital Marketing News & Tips 5-28-24

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Establishing and strengthening relationships is a critical part of successfully growing any organization. At the heart of this goal is the concept of “nurturing”. Nurturing isn’t about applying pressure, but adding value for your customer. This approach ultimately leads to the establishment of trust, which is the starting point for a long and fruitful customer relationship.

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What does it mean to nuture a customer?


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Do More with Less: Artificial intelligence (AI) proves to be a promising tool for CMOs contending with fewer resources and more pressing growth mandates.

Give Me Pause… Ads: Interactive pause ads are becoming more commonplace as streamers look to monetize content without interruptions.

Reel Long: According to Instagram’s content team, posting Reels longer than 90 seconds can actually hurt your reach in the app.

Skip-Me-Not: Video Reach Campaigns Non-Skips are non-skippable ads across an advertiser’s in-stream inventory optimized using Google’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Less Social, More Snap: The platform’s new ad campaign centers around differentiating itself from social media.

Bad Bots: In 2023, bad bots constituted 32% of web traffic, an increase from 30.2% the previous year, while human-generated traffic decreased to 50.4%. 

Give Meaning to the Machine: Brands are finding unique ways to incorporate generative AI into workflows while working to ensure there is still a human touch.

Ad Up the Wins: Netflix’s ad-supported plan now has 40 million global monthly active users — up from just 5 million a year ago.

AI Academy: The Digital Marketing Institute launched an “AI in Digital Marketing” course to plug the AI skills gap.


Mastering Social Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Social selling has revolutionized the way businesses approach sales, allowing professionals to leverage social networks to find and engage prospects. Social selling has recently been touted as a relatively new sales approach that promises to replace traditional outbound activities loathed by sales professionals and prospects alike.

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Google Ads Spring Cleaning: Pausing Low-Activity Keywords to Sharpen Your Focus

Google Ads is about to get a little tidier. Starting June 2024, they’ll be giving your account a spring cleaning by automatically pausing keywords that haven’t generated any impressions in over a year. This is designed to help marketers focus on the keywords that are pulling their weight and reduce clutter.

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