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How to Get Participation in Your Company’s Blog

You have some of the most knowledgeable and skilled staff members working for you, and would love to see them sharing their expertise and insight via the company blog and in articles for content marketing purposes – the problem is getting anyone to participate and follow through on writing a blog post.

There are many factors that cause people to lack the motivation to write for a blog, such as lack of time or the ability to transcribe thoughts into typed words. However, there are ways to get employees and coworkers contributing useful information to your company’s blog.

# 1 — The Interview

If you feel one of your employees or coworkers has some useful insight to offer that should be shared through a blog, set up an interview. You can either email questions to the candidate or set up a time to do the interview in person. If you can record the interview, you can even use it for a video post or a podcast. You can still use a transcribed version for content in your company’s blog.

# 2 — The Competition

Challenge your staff to compose a blog that is meant to be a real attention grabber. Track the traffic and reward the author with the most views, lowest bounce rate and highest conversion rate for the blog. This will not only encourage people to write blogs but to put a lot of thought into writing them really well and increasing the effectiveness of content marketing.

# 3 — The Email

Ask your staff or colleagues to write a short email, around 500 words or slightly less. Assign education projects to your employees or coworkers and have them explain the company or industry focus, or even their own jobs within the industry. Make it clear that the point is to educate others about the company, industry or even their own jobs.

# 4 — Divide & Conquer

You can also make your company blog a team effort so contributors don’t have to focus on the writing if it is not their area of expertise. For example, some people will be better suited to generating ideas or ‘riffing’ on a concept for a brief email or generating inbound marketing. Another person may have the skills to help with the research for tracking down supporting ideas or statistics for the data. Someone else who is part of the team could have the internet marketing skills to combine these ideas and statistics into a well penned post.

Finally, having someone else in the company to act as editor for the content, helps perfect the blog posts. This person or someone else could also offer their help and expertise by posting the content to the company website. Keep in mind, the person with the best skills for content marketing and internet marketing is more likely going to be able to edit in keywords to help make sure your blog is interesting and also attracting traffic. As you get others involved in creating blogs, eventually these people will be interested in trying other duties for the content marketing process. That staff member with the best ideas who may be hesitant about writing could change his or her tune after doing some data collecting or editing.

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