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Facebook Shrinks Mobile Newsfeed Ad Space

As of Monday, August 19, Facebook has modified the requirements for ad creative. This includes a change in the aspect ratios for images on it’s mobile news feed, along with the number of lines of text that are visible.

Facebook made these changes in an effort to make scrolling through their news feed on mobile devices simpler, as well as to provide a more consistent experience for users.

Prior to the changes, the aspect ratio for Facebook images was 2:3, and it has been updated to a 4:5 aspect ratio. Media that is taller than 4:5 will be masked on the Facebook mobile newsfeed.

How Facebook’s mobile newsfeed change effects you

Shortened images

This new aspect ratio requires a shorter image. If you typically use creative that is 1200 x 628 pixels (which tends to work well across all channels), these images will still fit into the new parameters.


Less text

Prior to the changes, you could see up to seven lines of text in the description, whereas now, text is cut-off after three lines and you must click ‘see more’ to read additional lines.

Proactive ad review

These changes will require some time in reviewing any current ads you have running. If you want your content to be seen (of course you do) and your ads to convert (of course you do), your image aspect ratios need to be optimized to fit the new specs.

Additionally, it’s going to be extremely important to keep your text descriptions short and concise, making sure you grab attention to your ad or post in the first three lines of copy.

So make sure to take your time moving forward.

Why you should care about Facebook’s mobile update

As of this year, 96% of Facebook users access the news feed through mobile. So, it’s critical you meet the requirements, or all your efforts could be for not!

However, the changes could be used to your advantage. Your ads may be seen as less disruptive to users. Just ensure your creative is on point and your ad copy is condensed and enticing to users so that they will click to read more.

We can help

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