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Create Bonus Content/Content Upgrades for Higher Conversion Rates on Key Landing Pages and Blog Posts

Free white paper or ebook downloads are nothing new, but it’s how you frame them that could make a big difference. Content Marketing Institute recently…

Question marks on sticky notes representing frequently asked questions

It’s Time to Dust Off That Old FAQ Page for a Shot at Position Zero

In the past, FAQ pages have been treated like a non-important essential—if that even makes sense. You know you should have an FAQ page (everyone…


Utilize Local Influencers to Connect with Like-Minded People

Every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, it seems like there’s a friend or acquaintance talking about a product they love, a new service…


Connect Faster with Potential Customers Through Voice Search

Over the past few years, people across the world have been changing their searching behaviors from clicking on a smartphone keyboard to an easier, more…


Google’s Position Zero: The Ultimate SEO Achievement

Have you started to notice that Google Search results look a little different lately? If you’ve Googled a question, it’s likely you’ve seen information in…


Why Most Websites Should Have Live Chat

Live chat could be holding a lot of untapped potential for your business. In today’s mobile-focused and fast-paced world, customers expect to have questions answered…


Influencer Marketing: Real People Sharing the Benefits of Your Brand

Think about the last time a friend or family member told you about a product. It’s likely you felt more apt to try it because…

Listening to a podcast on iPhone

Google is Indexing Podcasts in Search Results. Are You Ready?

Earlier this year, Google began automatically transcribing podcasts to make them searchable in the Google Podcasts app. Just a few months later, Google started indexing…

Google Search Screen

Google Search in 2019

Google has recently released a list of additional features that are aiding in the discovery of web pages. With a focus on making search results…