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Improve your Small Business PPC Results with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

Google Adwords Ad Retargeting

As a small business owner or marketing manager, you most likely have (or have often thought you should have) an active Google Adwords PPC account.  If you’re providing your campaign the attention it needs, you know that managing your PPC account can be a full-time job. You’re worried about fine-tuning your keyword list, increasing your CTR, decreasing your CPC, improving your ads Quality Score, improving Ad Rank, increasing your conversion rate … the list goes on and on.  This means you may not have the time or staff bandwidth to analyze and fine-tune your PPC campaigns like you want to.

Why you should be using Google Adwords Ad Extensions to improve results

Why do search ad extensions matter? With ad extensions, you provide more information about your store or product to prospects prior to the click-through, and provide additional ways for them to respond.

1. Increase Click-Through Rates and Conversions.

When you use ad extensions, you provide prospects with more reasons to click-through on your ad. Whether prospects use your easy click-to-call button from their mobile device from a call extension you add (preventing them from calling a competitor), or click-through to your map on your location extension (to find your store location to visit), more useful information up-front means more qualified clicks through to your ad producing conversions and reaching your bottom line.

2. Ad extensions are free.

There is no complicated pricing scheme to understand when adding ad extensions. Simply put; there is no extra charge to add extensions to your campaigns, you simply pay per click for your ads as you typically would.

3. You can customize ad extensions to fit your specific needs.

You pick which ad extension you want to use based on the results you are trying to achieve. A brief overview of ad extensions available and when you should use them is below:

  • Location Extensions – Location extensions show your business address and phone number with your ad text. If you have a storefront, location extensions make it easier for customers or prospects to find you.
  • Call Extensions – Call extensions add a phone number to your ad. Useful especially in mobile campaigns, your prospects can click-to-call directly from your ad without clicking through to your site.
  • Sitelinks – Use Sitelinks to promote multiple pages within your site up front below your ad text.
  • Social Annotations – With Social Annotations, you can display how many Google+ followers your business has below your ad text. This ad extension is powerful in building a trust factor with potential customers.
  • Seller Ratings – Google displays your online reviews from Google Shopping and Google Trusted Stores and places your ratings below your ad text (i.e. 5 stars, vs. 4 starts, etc.)  If you’re highly rated online, consider using seller ratings to build trust.
  • App Extensions – App extensions display a link to your app below your text ads. If you want a potential customer to have the choice to click on your site or your app based on their device, this is a good extension for you.
  • Review Extensions – Did you receive a stellar well-known and trusted review from a third party source? With Review Extensions, you can display a positive testimonial (as an additional life of text), linked to the published source below your ad text.
  • Previous Visit Annotations – Previous visit annotations show potential customers how many times they have previously clicked through to your website and only work if someone is logged into Google. Consider using this ad extension if you think prospects need help “finding their way” back to you.

Improve your Google Adwords performance today with ad extensions.

If you want to increase conversions with Google Adwords ad extensions, but don’t have the bandwidth to undertake the updates yourself, contact us today for a free quote – we’re happy to help!

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Lauren Zils
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Lauren Zils is an industry-leading digital marketer with a solid understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem and what it takes to drive results for her clients. She is a driven professional, never afraid of a challenge and always willing to tackle even the most daunting project.

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