Content Marketing

When Internet users look for information, services or products online, more than 8 out of 10 rely on search engines, not simple surfing. 85% of these searchers don’t click on paid links. (Forrester Research) That’s why organic content marketing is so important to your online success.

As a business owner it’s critical that you can be found in the search engines when your customers and clients search for terms related to your business. Creating targeted, keyword-rich content that shows up for relevant queries in the search engines is an effective and proven way to reach them.

By creating high quality content that’s based on solid research, you will be making an investment that positions your business in the organic search results for everything that you do. Unlike traditional advertising methods or “pay-per-click” models, content marketing continues to return results long after you’ve paid for it. An ongoing content marketing strategy can be one of the best online marketing practices that you can establish.

At Sanctuary Marketing Group we specialize in organic content marketing. Through strategy, research, page design and effective content we return measurable results for our clients. We position you where your clients are looking, drive them to your website and then convert visitors to customers. You need a solid strategy to succeed online today and our experience and proven track record can help you position your website where it matters most.

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How do you create content that will rank well in the search results?

Sanctuary Marketing Group Founder, Chris Auman and Online Marketing Strategist, Jason Jividen field common questions received from our customers seeking to improve their Online Marketing Strategy.

Jason: When you are looking great or highly useful content you are really looking at it from two aspects. One, how much information does it provide about what you do to your visitor. And, two, from an SEO standpoint, what words are we using to define that content. By that I mean, it needs its to be appropriately informative and it needs to have the key words there that are most used or most commonly used by your potentials or your target audience.

Chris: And in regards to linking to sites and what makes content ‘highly valuable’ — there is difference between content and really good useful content where people actually get value out of it. That’s why having the key words in there and targeting it towards a specific SEO goal is good, but just creating well written useful content around the key phrases you are going after… people finding your your content from a search and and say, ‘Yes, this exactly what I needed.’ Then word will spread as they are going to share that content with people, they are going to link it to from their site, and their social networks…so that’s the goal.