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3 Habits to Keep Creatives Energized

Habits to Keep Creatives Energized

Here at Sanctuary our first core value is:


Sanctuary: n.(sank-choo-air-ee) A place of refuge or asylum. A sheltered, protected place removed from the harsh realities of the world. A creative escape. A place where you can feel safe and work without anxiety, worry or fear of failure. A person you trust. A place to call home…

We believe this is an environment where Creatives can thrive!

So WHAT is a Creative?

  • They are ARTISTS. Not just a painter or designer, but someone who sees the world differently than others and comes from curiosity… A LOT!
  • They are INDIVIDUALS and they are unique. They like to color outside the lines .. ON PURPOSE!
  • They are THOUGHT LEADERS who influence people not necessarily through personality but through their innate gifts and talents.

Ultimately they are people who have ideas and make them tangible.

At Sanctuary Marketing Group we create new strategies for clients and we solve problems in new ways, we create copy and ads, we create core values and mission/value statements that shape our culture. Being creative means we’re constantly thinking!

Creatives are not just artists, designers and writers. They are not just the people who do the work you typically think of as creative. Business owners, marketing departments, engineers… all these people do creative work in their jobs.

Invest in Yourself with Daily Practices

As creatives we have to be constantly investing in ourselves—not only professionally, but also personally—with the goal of not getting in a rut.

Author Gretchen Rubin has a quote that says, “What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in a while.”

Without a set of daily practices to keep you aligned and energized you will eventually fall into a rut! Some of our creatives here at Sanctuary tap into new ideas and ways of thinking by listening to new podcasts often. This article is inspired by a podcast by Todd Henry called “Three Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life”.

So here are three daily practices you can do as a Creative to help keep you energized:

  • 1st Practice: Daily Study
    Do you have time set aside every day to study and absorb inspiring stimuli? This could be from a podcast, book, documentary, or article. Take time to fill your well and to disconnect from your “create on demand” role.
  • 2nd Practice: Daily Reflection
    Take time to stop, think, and reflect on the content you’re studying. This doesn’t have to be for long either – it could be for 15 minutes per day. What inspires you may seem disconnected from your work projects but begin to chew over how you can force a connection between what you’re reading and the work you’re doing.What dots connect that can deliver the fresh perspective you’ve been looking for?
  • 3rd Practice: Daily Walk
    By taking a daily walk you allow for a variety of stimuli to be encountered and this will often jog new insights. Loose ideas can start to connect that might otherwise have been overlooked. Don’t forget to take something to jot your ideas down like a cell phone or notepad.

The infrastructure that you build is what will sustain you when life and work are stretching you beyond your limits.

Work with the Creative Team at Sanctuary

How you prepare today will determine your effectiveness for tomorrow! And that goes for your digital marketing plan, too. Partner with the creatives at Sanctuary to help grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about our approach!

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About Julie Mamula:

Julie Mamula helps execute campaigns and strategic deliverables in a timely manner and at an exceptional level. She loves using the many concepts and strategies that she’s learned in her 25 year tenure in marketing to make clients’ strategies more successful.

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