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Updates to Responsive Search Ads & Shopping Campaign Ads from Google Help Get More Customers Shopping

Updates to Google Responsive Search Ads and Shopping Campaign Ads

Google keeps unrolling new features that help us better target our ads or test new aspects of our campaigns, and ultimately help you reach the right people. Google recently revealed new ad features that will affect both Smart Shopping Campaigns and Responsive Search Ads.

Here’s a closer look at the updates to
responsive search ads…

First, let’s review Responsive Search Ads. These ads work within your Google Search Campaigns. They allow you to input numerous assets (headlines and descriptions) and Google will use machine learning to rotate through those assets in different formations. This allows your ads to be shown to internet users more often and in different ways—which, when combined together, usually deliver a higher click through rate (CTR).

To put it in simple terms: Your message will be shown to people more often, and in multiple variations.

Now you can use two additional handy features within these ads: Countdown feature and Location insertion.

Countdown Feature


Image Source: Alexa Blog

The countdown feature allows you to dynamically highlight sales or time-sensitive deals. This allows you to create a sense of urgency within your ads. Think about those big department store sale ads you might’ve seen. They are often cheesy, but they actually work! And why? Because they make you feel like their sale is the biggest of the year and an event you can’t miss.

You want potential customers to feel this way about whatever you’re offering. You could, for instance, have a countdown that reads “Sale Ends in 6 Days”. This would update each day so that everyone who sees the ad knows exactly how long they have to take advantage of your sale—and could possibly increase your CTR due to increased interest.

Location Insertion

Location Insertion allows you to tailor the responsive search ads to the user by highlighting the location in which your product or service is offered. For example, if you offer services in every city in an area this could be useful instead of creating individual ads for each city. It could look like this: We deliver to {LOCATION(City)}. You can choose to show the city, state or country. This will help show that your product or service is relevant and local to your users.

Changes to Smart Shopping Campaigns

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The other changes that were noted by Google are within the Smart Shopping Campaigns. They started offering Free and Fast Shipping annotations, which have been proven to increase conversion rates by nine percent!

Google is working on creating more visual ads as well with features like video display ads. Later this year, they’ll have a more immersive and browsable shopping experience with a dynamically curated carousel of your most applicable products.

Image Source: Google

Don’t forget about the Customer Acquisition Value Tool that helps unite sales and marketing!


Image Source: Google

Lastly, there is a new customer acquisition value tool that allows you to add a value to sales from new customers. Your campaign can use sales numbers and this new value to optimize performance, which ultimately can help you increase your revenue from new customers.

If your sales team is wondering what value the company is getting from running Google ads, this tool is a great way to bring the sales and marketing efforts together and put real value on your results.

Get more customers with Responsive Search Ads and Shopping Campaign Ads from Google.

If you need help navigating what these changes mean for your campaigns, we can help! OR, if you don’t have these types of ads running and feel you could benefit from them, we’d love to schedule a consultation with you. Contact us today to connect and get help.

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