FAQPage Structured Data Alt

Google Officially Launches FAQ Schema

Schema markup provides significant opportunities to improve a website’s SEO performance by helping search engines to better understand its content. According to Search Engine Journal,…

Hyper-personalization improves digital marketing results.

Hyper-personalization. It’s What the Next Era of Digital Marketing is Made of.

Despite the growing percentages of consumers who are concerned about their data privacy (86% according to Smart Insights), 72% of consumers say they will now…

Spotify Podcast Advertising begins a new wave of podcast growth. Learn more.

Everything You Need to Know About Spotify’s Expanded Ad Capabilities

Early in 2019, Spotify spent $400 million to acquire podcast companies Paracst, Gimlet and Anchor and has been busy building up a repertoire of exclusive…

Google Ad Customizer Countdown Function

Running a Sale This Spring? Create Urgency with This Sweet, New Tool!

Living in Northeast Ohio, I've heard firsthand from our brick and mortar retail clients that this winter was tough for business. You and your staff…

Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Beginners Guide to PPC Keyword Research: 7 Steps for Keyword Selection

If you have never used Google Adwords or PPC advertising as a marketing channel before, setting up your first campaign can feel overwhelming. You're probably…

Landing Page Optimization

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips for Increased Adwords PPC Conversions

If you find yourself frequenting the business section of your local Barnes & Noble or the Business section of Amazon's Book category, you've probably heard…

Google Adwords Ad Retargeting

Improve your Small Business PPC Results with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

As a small business owner or marketing manager, you most likely have (or have often thought you should have) an active Google Adwords PPC account.…