Leveraging Drip Email Campaigns

Leveraging Drip Email Campaigns to Close Leads Faster

Drip emails are a series of automated marketing emails sent out to leads or prospects over a period of time. Each email is designed to…

Beginner's Guide to Welcome Emails

A Beginner’s Guide to Welcome Emails

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A successful website launch

The Key to a Successful Website Launch: A Comprehensive Testing Strategy

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How to Generate Repeat Sales with Email Automation

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Best time to send an email

What’s the Best Time to Send an Email?

The power of email marketing is no secret. Sending marketing messages directly to the inboxes of people who have previously confirmed that they are interested…

Three fixes to improve site speed

3 Quick Fixes to Improve Website Speed

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WP plugins for small businesses

​​Five Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

Plugins are a huge part of what makes WordPress such a wildly popular website platform. Rather than having to custom build any new feature you…


10+ reasons why Woo Commerce is a great choice for an e-commerce store

WooCommerce is owned by Automattic, the company that created WordPress. WooCommerce is supported by a passionate community of partners, developers, and business leaders that aim…


Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Every website needs a host to deliver it to the internet at large. While it’s technically possible to host your own site on your own…


How to Pivot from Low Open and Click-Through Rates on Emails

Every marketer knows the value of a quality email list. With a good list on your side, it’s almost like you have a license to…

Spencer - WordPress theme

A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Websites

For a small business owner, the world of digital marketing can feel like a big, scary place with so many options to navigate. Sure, you…

content management system

Five Reasons to Choose WordPress as Your CMS

You can have the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing website out there… that does nothing for your business. Not only is a website’s design and appearance…

Google Ads Explanation Tool

Improve Your Google Ads with the New Explanations Tool

Google ads can be a great way to advertise your product or company. They can help drive traffic to your website and generate more leads…

Facebook inspect tool small

Improve Your Campaign Performance with the New Facebook Inspect Tool

If you are utilizing Facebook ads for your business, you’re probably familiar with the Ads Manager dashboard, but may feel overwhelmed with all the reporting…