Advertising customer match lists

Rolling Out Customer Match Lists to All Accounts and What This Means for Targeting

Proper targeting is a fundamental piece of the marketing equation. It’s great to craft creative, impactful messages about your products and services, but those messages…

Responsive Search Ads graphic

Use Responsive Search Ads to Test Messages

Responsive search ads have been part of the Google landscape for some time now, even if some marketers have been hesitant to jump on board.…

PPC targeting and segmentation

PPC Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Pay-per-click ads are one of the core elements of most digital marketing campaigns. Whether you use PPC ads as your primary method of lead acquisition,…

Data-driven PPC and Automation

Create Data-Driven PPC Campaigns with Automation

One of the earliest forms of paid marketing on the web, pay-per-click (or PPC) ads continue to be as relevant today as they were years…


An Intro to Customer Success Metrics

If you operate in the B2B world, you succeed when your customers succeed. That sounds simplistic, but when it comes down to it, it really…


Intro to PPC from a Google Certified Expert

PPC ads—What are they and how do they work? Hear it straight from the Google Ads expert herself… Kate Falconer.


What Makes a Good PPC Ad?

Pay-per-click ads, or PPC ads, drive a massive amount of traffic on the web today. If you want to draw people to your website, social…

Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Ads: The Key to Getting More Leads?

For nearly any business goal, there's a short-term solution and a long-tail strategy that can be created to help reach that goal. Similarly, when it…

User Experience with Retargeting Ads

Getting Customers Back to Your Website with Retargeting Ads

The internet represents the greatest marketing opportunity on earth. Simply put, no other platform can reach even a fraction of the audience that can be…

Updates to Google Responsive Search Ads and Shopping Campaign Ads

Updates to Responsive Search Ads & Shopping Campaign Ads from Google Help Get More Customers Shopping

Google keeps unrolling new features that help us better target our ads or test new aspects of our campaigns, and ultimately help you reach the…

No Discrimination Advertising

Updated Google Ads Policies Put In Place to Protect Users from Discrimination and Clickbait

Google is often making adjustments to its policies to better serve its users and ensure quality results. We recently saw two new policy updates for…

Wooden figures representing audience targeting

Combined Audiences for Search Targeting in Google Ads

You have the option to now combine audience targeting to create special audiences for your search targeting efforts in Google PPC Ads. You can layer…

Person searching internet on mobile phone

Google Lead Form Extensions Show Promise for Higher Conversion Rates

Why Does Google Think Lead Form Extensions are Effective for Businesses? Convenience: Users can complete the lead form directly from the search results instead of…


Offline Conversions Matter, Too! Start Tracking Store Visits in Google Ads

Did you know that you have the ability to track offline store visits in your Google Ads account? This can be extremely helpful when bringing…