Kevin Stalder

Development Manager

Kevin Stalder is our Development Manager as well as an accomplished graphic designer. On a daily basis, Kevin can be found acting as the Swiss Army Knife of Sanctuary where he’s acting as project manager, programming ninja, technical support and the guy that simply “gets things done.” He’s responsible for leading all of our development and technological initiatives, as well as coordinating, coaching and overseeing our team of developers.

As one of Sanctuary’s first employees, Kevin’s longevity in his role brings depth of experience plus intimate knowledge of each client’s website and tech. He jumps at opportunities to build and code new functionality he’s never tried before as well as creating plugins and custom themes.

When he’s not at work Kevin enjoys working through programming puzzles, creating games, playing games, watching movies, photography and spending time with family. He’s also an avid Bocce player and is a bit obsessed with penguins. Kevin lives in Canton.

Education: University of Akron - BFA Graphic Design, Minor in Computer Imaging and Computer Science
Fun Facts: Photographer. Loyal Friend. Dependable.
Fave Quote: “Software undergoes beta testing shortly before it’s released. Beta is Latin for ‘still doesn’t work.’ “

Connect with Kevin: 330-266-1188


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