Using WordPress as a content management system

Using WordPress as a content management systemAt Sanctuary Marketing Group we’ve become very fond of the WordPress software platform. It’s a valuable and affordable tool for our clients and we are dedicating ourselves to working with WordPress for blogging, custom website development and for a robust content management system for our sites ongoing. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s open-source software which means that it’s free to use. For our clients, there are no fees to purchase the software and we only charge a small fee ongoing to keep the software updated for bugs and security releases. So it’s a very affordable way to gain control over your website without paying a web developer to make changes.

We’d like to invite you to review this four part introduction about why we think WordPress is a great solution for managing the content of your website. It’s only 20 minutes total. It’s a great overview if you are considering WordPress for your website and it serves as a good, educational overview for those that need a basic introduction on how to use the software.

Part 1 – Introduction, history and the basics

Part 2 – Pages and Formatting

Part 3 – Posts, Categories and Publishing

Part 4 – Additional information and features

BONUS – WordPress Tips and Hints


Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies.