Social Media 101

Social Media 101


The presentation shares successful, trending Social Marketing Strategies to reach new customers, keep an eye on competitors trending events, and keep existing fans around much longer! The presentation was done in conjunction with The Akron Canton AMA, The Taylor Institute and Kanga Communications of The University of Akron as well as Sanctuary Marketing Group.

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More About Jason:

Jason-InsetJason Brueckner loves the way technology simplifies life and brings people together. As far as marketing and brand awareness goes, he has years of hands-on experience in leveraging the nebulous world of Social Media Marketing to grow the exposure of businesses and their audience’s engagement.

Not only are the majority of Internet users on Social Networks but there has been a massive shift in the way that businesses can reach people — Rather than yelling at people through billboards and TV ads, you can meet people where they’re at as they relax with their friends.

Social Media 101

  1. Date: February 25, 2016 – Prepared by: Jason Brueckner Phone: 330-266-1188 ext 301 – Email: [email protected]
  2. Tonight’s Agenda ● Why Social Media Marketing? ● An Overview of Major Platforms ● How Can a Business Leverage Social Media ● Q&A
  3. Who’s this guy, anyways?
  4. Why Social Media?
  5. An Overview of Major Channels Pop Quiz! Who can describe popular channels to a business CEO and say why it is worth investing in?
  6. How to Leverage Social Media? Integrate!
  7. Q & A Now what questions do you have?

Jason Brueckner has fallen in love with the complex world of Social Media Marketing. That relationship has blossomed into hands-on, in-the-trench experiences with local and regional businesses before joining the ranks here at Sanctuary Marketing Group. He is a bookworm at heart and this studious guy has learned to leverage the broad reach that Social Networks can offer businesses. Jason volunteers at a local church, oversees Brave Daily, is a huge technology nerd and his knees buckle at the smell of new books.