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Why Is Local SEO So Important?

When you need a local service, what’s your first course of action? Most people these days would say that they hop on their computer and “Google” what they’re looking for. If you’re “on-the-go” you’ll likely do a search using a mobile app such as Apple or Google MapsYelpYP.com or any number of other online or app resources that return local business information and reviews.

Computers, smartphones, and more recently, tablets have completely revolutionized how we locate and discover local information. It has been said that there are over 10 billion searches performed on a monthly basis and that number has been growing exponentially. Of that number, 20% of all computer searches are locally focused* and over 50% of mobile searches have local intent**. (*Comscore/Google, **Microsoft, Original quote source: GetListed.org)

Here’s the big one: Almost half of all local searches begin without a specific business in mind. That means that people are simply looking for a product or service and they’re looking for help online. This is where the opportunity lies for locally focused small businesses.

There are over 2 billion local searches on Google alone every month* and that’s just scratching the surface. Yahoo and Bing.com have a much smaller marketshare than Google, yet it’s estimated that Yahoo has 100 Million unique visitors per month that are searching for something local. And don’t forget sites like Yelp and YP.com. In addition to the big boys, there are hundreds of other sites like this that include portals, directories, apps and services that people use to find what they want locally. (*Comscore/Google)

It’s about expanding your reach and positioning your business online where customers are actively looking.

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