Kate Falconer

Kate Falconer

For nearly a decade in the digital marketing industry, Kate’s primary focus has been on PPC, while also learning the basics of SEO. She is a graduate from the Fashion School at Kent State University, with a concentration in fashion merchandising and business. After completion of that program, she followed her fond interest in the marketing element and decided to make that her career. Kate began working for an Internet marketing company in downtown Akron and immediately took to PPC. She was promoted to Project Manager and remained the main force behind the paid search efforts of the company’s full client roster.

After having her first child, Kate decided she needed a career where she could spend more time at home; consulting for a handful of companies and agencies gave her the flexibility she needed. In this capacity, Kate worked with clients of vastly different industries, searching for presence on a local to national scale; from a start-up, lead generation firm in the Telco/Cable industry, handling multi-million dollar paid search accounts, to many small businesses looking to grow their local recognition.

At home, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, two kids, and three dogs. Kate and Chris are often found working on their never-ending house remodel; she does the designing, he does all the work, and the kids run around, happily destroying things.

Connect with Kate:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kate-falconer
Google Plus: plus.google.com/kate-falconer