Jackie Baker

Jackie Baker

Jackie Baker is a digital marketing strategist who embodies the notion of complete client services. Her unique ability to see both the forest and the trees makes her an expert at designing targeted, holistic campaigns while being detailed enough to get the smallest of tasks done right.

Of her first decade spent in marketing strategy, seven years were with SiteLogic where Jackie was Director of Content Marketing, an account executive, and the office socialite. That experience, combined with her writing skill and marketing sense, developed her expertise in content, conversion, search, email, and social marketing as well as usability and analytics for publishing, ecommerce, and lead generation sites. She’s worked with non-profits, B2C and B2B businesses from local to international levels.

Jackie has a degree in Communication Arts/Public Relations from Malone University – and is reluctant to admit that she does also have experience in print and graphic design.

Aside from her faith and family, Jackie’s greatest passion is horses. She was a pioneering equestrian blogger, helping to launch an industry trapped by slow country dial-up into the internet marketing age. Her blogging successes created lifelong friendships and business partnerships across the country, earned her speaking engagements, involved her in event planning and goodwill campaigns, took her to the 2010 World Equestrian Games, and brought in several long-time clients.

Be careful when she’s in town (she lives in Erie, PA), or you’ll spend a few hours chatting about “this, that, and the other thing” – or Harry Potter. Most importantly, her faith is priority and she can often be found guiding teens as they navigate through their formative years or bouncing around ministry ideas and theology with her youth pastor husband.

Jackie manages a family of five. Her husband Ben, son Isaac, daughter Nora, and horse Ace (she doesn’t count the two cats).

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LinkedIn: jackiebkr
Twitter: @jackiebaker
Google+: JackieBakerMarketing

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