Interruption Marketing Is Dead

The marketing formerly known as interruption or outbound marketing is no longer able to help keep the pulse of your business going. Those who fail to recognize this are sure to be left behind with their marketing efforts and resulting conversion. Inbound marketing is more important than ever, and those still focusing efforts on outbound marketing are sure to become outdated if not obsolete. To prevent this from happening it is crucial to get an understanding of inbound marketing and how to make it work for your business.

Out with the Old and In with Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing was effective when we weren’t inundated with marketing messages from every possible angle. Over time, however, this became the outdated approach to take for trying to drive traffic to your site. There are several reasons why this became a tired approach to drawing in traffic and business. The important thing to understand is why inbound marketing works, then you can see why it is crucial for your business.

One of the main attractions of inbound marketing is the ability to include a call to action that actually appeals to visitors or readers and get your audience proactively involved. With use of your SEO, you can also ensure that you are appealing to the right target market. One of the most important things you can do is create a social media presence that excites and engages the audience as well.

Why Inbound Marketing Works Better

The bottom line is that you cannot convince people to do anything they do not want to do. When you manage to attract inbound traffic through marketing efforts it means you are doing something right. It also means you are attracting the right kinds of traffic. One of the main differences between inbound and outbound marketing is that people have already been burned too many times before by outbound marketing. The average consumer or visitor to a website wants quality time online, not wasted time with less than quality interactions. It’s why the results from inbound marketing efforts lead to sales and the results from outbound marketing efforts only do on a much smaller scale anymore, if at all.

The Future and the Present 

To truly be onboard with the future of lead generation resulting in sales, it is time to get familiar with inbound marketing and how to apply it to your site. Increasing traffic and driving up your business is the goal of any internet campaign. Why waste the efforts on a dying approach when there are better ways to draw in traffic?

If you ever invested time and energy into creating a direct mail response or internet marketing campaign, you have an idea of the amount of work involved. Make your time, effort and money investment worthwhile. Make your investment show a return by using inbound marketing as your approach to gaining business. Do not wait and continue to watch your conversion rates drop as your competitors see results from their inbound marketing techniques.


Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies.