Internet Marketing Survival Guide – June 10, 2011

Call Tracking Software for Improved Marketing Effectiveness

Call tracking softwareTraditional attempts to lure in and track customers online works quite well for businesses based online, but can get a bit trickier for those brick and mortar stores or offline services. This has been what could be viewed as a flaw in the system of web analytics. The new approach to conversion rate optimization is to utilize phone call tracking.Businesses not based online still receive up to 75% of potential clients, leads and business through phone calls. This method is also responsible for much of the important comments, can be a tool for answering consumer questions, as well as any other type of customer service a company may encounter.

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AddThis Launches New Way to Measure Social Sharing

Internet Marketing Survival Guide – June 10, 2011AddThis has launched a new way for publishers to track the sharing that happens in its simplest form — copying and pasting a URL from the address bar and then sharing it out to a social network, email or IM.

For AddThis, which is owned by Clearspring, that could represent a huge new trove of data that the company can provide to web publishers. Clearspring CEO Hooman Radfar says that the company has “seen up to 10x greater sharing from the address bar versus the sharing buttons.” With a network that now reaches more than 1.2 billion unique users per month across 9 million sites, that’s a ton of sharing that had previously been going uncounted.

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