Internet Marketing Strategy

Understanding where you want to be and ultimately how you’re going to get there before you begin a project will go a long way to ensuring that you’ll meet your goals.

At Sanctuary we believe in planning, research, strategy and systems. We want to know that we have a clear roadmap that will guide our projects to success. Whether it’s keyword research for a new website, an SEO campaign, social media, or the design of a website’s navigation and information architecture, it’s all guided by goals and strategies that are agreed upon up front.

When you build a house, do you order the wood and pick the paint colors first or do you draw up the plans? How about when you take a family trip. Do you jump in the car and drive off in a direction without your bathing suit, or do you pack, book a hotel, gas up the car and plan your route? We like to take the same approach to our website development and internet marketing project. Whether it be a standard website, a content marketing campaign or email marketing campaign, we want to know where we are ultimately going and how we’re going to get there before we begin so there are no surprises.

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