Convince Your Boss Letter | Inbound Marketing with Sanctuary

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Thank you for your interest in our “Convince Your Boss” letter. Our hope is that this can be our first team win as partners in marketing!

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Dear <Insert Manager’s Name>:

As the Marketing Director of [Company Name], I am constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our marketing strategies and drive sustainable growth for our business. I strongly believe that Inbound with Sanctuary deserves our attention and investment.

The inbound methodology represents a fundamental shift in how businesses attract, engage and delight customers. There are several compelling reasons why I believe we should prioritize inbound digital marketing:

  • We can get a higher return on investment (ROI) using inbound methods rather than outbound methods, meaning we could attract leads at a lower cost per acquisition.
  • We can drive engagement and conversions with our ideal customers through targeted content creation and distribution.
  • We can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences and interests through analytics and reporting tools.
  • We can build brand authority and trust by consistently delivering valuable content that educates and solves problems for our audience.
  • We can adapt our inbound strategy to changing market trends and scale it according to our business objectives and budget.

Sanctuary is a digital marketing agency that creates and executes inbound strategies to increase revenue. As part of their initial Discovery Process, Sanctuary performs a site audit, keyphrase research, a Google Analytics deep dive and more to see where our opportunities lie with inbound digital marketing. They'll then give us a custom plan with multiple budget options for how to achieve our goals.

Here's the approximate cost breakdown:

  • Discovery: $5,500 one-time cost
  • Ongoing Management: Starting at $3,000/month
  • Ad Spend: TBD based on their research and forecasts

By embracing the inbound methodology and partnering with Sanctuary, we can elevate our brand presence, generate more qualified leads and drive sustainable growth for [Company Name]. 

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to your feedback and guidance!

<Insert Name> 

Questions on Inbound?

Consider us your inbound marketing experts. We’re here to help you get better results with digital marketing and grow your business with inbound. If you have more questions on the methodology or would like to talk with our sales team about opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us!