Local Search Optimization

Search Engine Local Ranking Factors

Search Engine Local Ranking Factors

Ever wonder what it takes to rank high in the search engines? Ranking factors, despite being perceived as a great mystery, are in reality relatively straight forward. Create great content, get people to link to it, make sure your business... Read more.
How to Evaluate SEO Providers & Avoid the Sketchy Ones

How to Evaluate SEO Providers & Avoid the Sketchy Ones

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google always seem to be clouded in mystery. Even though it’s 2016 and Google has been around for 18 years, many business owners or marketing managers have no idea how it works... Read more.
Internal Linking Tactics

Internal Linking Tactics

When reviewing a site from an SEO perspective, one thing I always include on my checklist is internal linking. We can usually tell how well a site is optimized by looking over the linking strategy. Implementing a linking strategy is... Read more.

Why the Yellow Pages is not an Internet Marketing Strategy

People are continually asking my opinion about the Yellow Pages. My first question is “Which Yellow Pages”? Are you talking about the book that shows up each year (that ends up in my recycle bin) or are you asking about... Read more.

The Big List of Local SEO’s (Hat tip to Mike Ramsey)

I recently met Mike Ramsey (Briefly) at the GetListed.org Local University (#LocalU) in New York City. I don’t know Mike and I would hesitate to even consider him a friend at this point. But I was thankful to make the... Read more.

Keyword Research for a Local Business

Keyword research is essential but I’m often challenged by the fact that it’s hard to get good local information for a local key-phrase using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Maybe someday they’ll get better at showing us the valuable nuggets of information... Read more.

Online Project Management and CRM Software System Review

I’m taking a little detour from local search marketing to discuss and recommend a solution for project management and CRM software. The Problem I’ve used project management software for many years now and recently developed my own system that made... Read more.

The future of internet marketing

Sometimes I step back and breathe a sigh of relief about what I do for a living. It really does seem that the future is bright. Barely a day goes by that I don’t hear about how having a website... Read more.

20 ways to take your local search rankings to the next level (Part 1)

In a video and comments regarding local search rankings, Jeremy Sussman of Google Maps described Google’s local algorithm as having three main parts: location, relevance, and prominence. The information contained within your Google+ Local Business listings data is a major... Read more.

How to check what search terms are being used by potential local clients

Research is an important part of effective local optimization. At the base level you need to know if it’s worth your time and effort to even attack a niche and if you’ll ultimately survive as a business. Getting that data... Read more.