Andrew Chwalik

Andrew Chwalik

Andrew Chwalik is a Social Media Strategist who enjoys helping others tell stories through digital mediums. He started his marketing career young by drawing dramatic Pokemon scenes and selling them to his friends for 10 cents in the third grade (ask him to see some of his artwork). Since then, he has went on to receive his Bachelors of Arts marketing degree from Walsh University as well as his Masters of Science marketing degree from Trinity College Dublin.

While in undergrad, Andrew started a dating company that provided first date kits to couples who wanted to spark their first dates with engaging conversation and shareable fun. Once graduate school was finished, he took all of his entrepreneurial and marketing experience and started a marketing agency that helped traditional companies transition their marketing strategies into the digital world. One of his main accomplishments was developing and executing a cross-platform social campaign that grew a client’s Instagram following by 240%!

When Andrew’s not at his desk devising the next big social media strategy, you can find him on the soccer field or holding a camera. He has been playing soccer his entire life and is now enjoying coaching the beautiful game. As for the camera, Andrew has multiple YouTube Channels and loves collaborating with others to create interesting videos.

True to his title, Andrew is slightly obsessed with social media himself. You can find out for yourself and connect with him here:


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