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North Canton Caffe Gelato

If you need an escape from Ohio and would love to visit the tastes of Italy, take a trip over to Caffe Gelato — right downtown North Canton. For this past week’s installment of our “Monday Munchies,” we sat down with the co-owner of the small cafe that has been serving downtown North Canton for years. You can see more information here on our Facebook Page post.

The small business that was established out of a love for great community and great espresso has become a must visit spot. Their seats are filled morning, noon and night with locals who are enjoying Caffe Gelato’s imported espresso and locally homemade gelato. Caffe Gelato of North Canton hosts small parties, serves an array of delicious lunch options and always, always partners with locals when they are looking to expand their offerings. For example, there is a local baker who supplies all of their pastries!

If you live in North Canton and you haven’t tried their array of espresso drinks, you absolutely must pay them a visit.