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If anybody understands the difficulty in keeping a content marketing campaign afloat, it is me and the team here at Sanctuary Marketing Group. I’ll be candid right here at the start. Most anything that falls into the category of what marketers call “long-tail” efforts are difficult. We live in a generation that wants everything now. If we were honest, we want today’s marketing tasks to provide yesterday’s results. That is why a long-term marketing, the type of marketing that actually puts a dent in search engine results, can be so difficult.

I’ll first quickly explain a firsthand problem I faced and how CoSchedule WordPress Editorial Calendar solved it. I oversee Brave Reviews, a website in which a team of eight writers contribute to the massive database of book reviews. We live all over the map, literally, and coordinating what book reviews are being written and posted on what days can be extremely difficult. As the website and writing team grew, I needed to get a handle on this issue. I searched all over the place and determined that I need something that did it all, even if it meant I’d have to put some money into it. I have undoubtedly gained a return on my investment

CoSchedule is a tool that makes content marketing a whole lot easier. At the most basic level, CoSchedule is a calendar in which each member has their own separate access. Below is a screenshot of how simple it is to create a blog post, a social media message, an event, a note for your team, or a task for a teammate.



All WordPress options, such as categories, tags and formatting, are available from the CoSchedule platform. What is more, an unlimited number of social media accounts can be connected! If you are a fan of employee advocacy (i.e., you leveraging your employees to advocate for your brand) than you can have each of them schedule blog posts and website pages for their own personal media channels right alongside your business’ content! Brilliant!

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Now a quick note on how powerful the social media platform is. You can write and preview your post right inside the calendar! Script a post for multiple channels at the same time as you quickly add text and imagery (even sync up your and Google Analytic accounts). If the page you are sharing already has that data tagged, CoSchedule will gather all of that information.

coschedule social media


Honestly, one of my favorite features is probably the subtlest of features. I do a lot of scheduling out of social media posts across different networks. When shotgunning posts across channels, the absolute worst practice to have is to share them all at the exact same time. With CoSchedule, you can spread your message even further with just the click of a button. Are you wanting to share your message to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook on the same day? Choose the Share “Between 8am – 11am” option and CoSchedule will automatically scatter your posts out at natural time slots. (same for “Between 11am – 3pm” or “Between 3pm-10p”). Here is a screenshot of how simple it is:

coschedule schedule social posts

The options are endless. You queue up random posts and assign tasks to your teammates and much, much more. If you are working on a content-heavy website or marketing campaign, you have got to check out CoSchedule. The power in the simple CoSchedule platform plugin is unmatched.