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I was on Quora other day and saw that someone had posted the question: Google+: How do you link your Google+ profile to WordPress blog content?

For content marketing, Google+ is increasingly important for both search credibility and there’s been recent evidence to show increases in click-through-rates and other hidden benefits of having authorship credit.  That’s why more and more people are seeking to link their Google+ Profile Page to their blog.wordpress google+ author snippet

While the process is a bit convoluted from both Google & WordPress fronts, it’s really not that difficult. In fact, the Yoast WordPress SEO Plug-in has already solved this problem for us.

Here’s the basic steps

STEP 1:  Install the Yoast WordPress SEO Plug-in.

STEP 2:  Add your Website URL to the ‘Contributor’ Section of your Google+ Profile

add website address to google plus contributor

STEP 3:  Collect your Google+ URL from your Google Plus account

STEP 4:  Login to WordPress. Navigate to ‘Users’ and edit your User Profile. There should be a field titled ‘Google+’.  Enter the Google+ URL collected from Step 3. Be sure to remove the ‘/post’ from the URL before hitting ‘Save.’

STEP 5:  Test this using the Structured Data Testing Tool provided by Google

Test URL after installation on WordPress for Google Structured Testing Tool

All-in-all, pretty straight forward once you put the pieces together for this specific configuration (WordPress + WordPress SEO Plug-in + Google Plus).

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