Google+ and the state of the internet (Love to The Oatmeal)

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I love The Oatmeal. It’s fun and pretty twisted sometimes which brings out that real, rare (and much needed) LMAO that is sometimes lacking in my days.

He recently posted his latest take on the state of the internet (which is part of an ongoing series). One of the sections dealt with Google+ and I must say that he gave the service a big, fat slap in the face. His take is that nobody uses Google+ and if I’m being honest with myself, I think I might agree at the moment.

Now, saying that NOBODY uses Google+ is unfair. I know there are people that are highly engaged and using it all the time. But it hasn’t hit the mainstream yet and that’s a little concerning to me. Have I helped in any way? Nope. I barely have my account setup and optimized, much less using it on a daily basis. So I really can’t come down on anybody else.

I am concerned with my own actions though. I want Google+ to be a huge success. It’s a great service and has huge potential. It’s received rave reviews and I don’t think Google could have delivered a better product. So why can’t I get it done? I think it’s because Google was late to the game and everyone is already maxed out on time. I mean, there is only so much time in the day. I like Twitter, I’m somewhat engaged on Facebook with my friends and family. I run a business. I have 3 kids. I have to mow the grass people! I just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with anything else and I think this might be the root of the problem. Google+ is behind in the marathon at the moment and the current gap can’t be made up unless someone stumbles.

As I said, I really want this to catch on. Just the idea that Google can use the information and signals from Google+ accounts is great for small business and local SEO. But if nobody is using it, well then, it’s useless.

I keep defending Google+. I keep telling people that they HAVE to setup a Google+ account, setup a business page, optimize it and integrate the + button on their site. I cringed though when I saw The Oatmeal cartoon because it was so honest — and, boy, can he be honest.

Maybe the social aspect of Google+ just won’t catch on and it will continue to be something like Google Places+ and just provide business information to Google and the search results — and maybe that’s ok.

But The Oatmeal is right… I can only hear the chirps of the crickets at the moment where people should be, but aren’t.