Optimizing Google+ Could Get You Ranked Better with Google

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If you’re going to invest your time and resources into social media networking and internet marketing, then it is a good idea to have a plan for each approach. What works for your Facebook marketing may not work the same for Pinterest or Google+. In fact, it is important to consider optimizing specifically for Google Plus because your efforts here can also help you organically rank better with Google search.

Now one thing that works for all types of internet marketing approaches is to make sure you have “buttons” for your images, blogs, products or other content worth sharing. While you may already have a button for people to share your content on Facebook or “pin” your photos on Pinterest, you should also have a button so your content can be shared on Google+. You should also be using your brand’s social profiles as channels for putting up current content as soon as it is available.

Tricks That Can Help You

Keep in mind although new, Google+ currently has around 90 million registered users with as many as 60% actually active. With this does come plenty of competition, of course, but that isn’t all bad. What is the good thing about competition? It gives you someone to study to learn from. This means replicating things that work for them by putting your own spin on it and even improving upon it. It also means avoiding making the same mistakes as your competition.

The important thing to do is gear your marketing efforts to fit the different social platforms. The best way to do this is be involved with each one. The only way to understand what someone may be interested in on Google+ compared to Pinterest is to be an active member on both. This can be time consuming, but trying to have a marketing platform that works by doing it blindly is likely going to be wasted effort anyway.

Some other things to know:

  • Get your followers involved by using interactive tactics. Fun contests are an example of a way to get people involved and actually having fun.
  • Although interest in Google+ started slowly it is now gaining popularity. As users of Facebook grow more and more tired of issues and changes meant to enhance the site that only seem to annoy users, Google+ gains more registered users and activity.
  • At this time you do still have to use a real name for your profile, but this does not mean you will not be able to promote your business or brand.
  • All in all remember to try to keep it fun. Visitors are much more likely to get involved with your Google+ profile and your website if you make it fun, entertaining and engaging.

While it may seem like all of this is so time consuming, the bottom line is that it is important to your brand and your business. Getting involved with social networking and internet marketing is crucial to the success of your business or could be responsible for the failure of it.