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Part 4:
Sanctuary Marketing Group Founder, Chris Auman and Online Marketing Strategist, Jason Jividen field common questions received from our customers seeking to improve their Online Marketing Strategy.

Question: What could make Search Engine Optimization Better?

Answer: People look at SEO in many cases sort of magic trick, or as a sort of universal key or somehow its gonna solve the problem – not the case

Most important thing to remember about Search Engine Optimization is that we are massing an audience. Now when have that audience and bring them to the door, the next most important thing you can do is figure out what to do with them?

Often time when SEO falls apart its because the site itself is NOT optimized to convert that traffic that they are building into customers

As we get better at directing traffic towards a specific purpose and action, SEO becomes infinitely more important because as you connect a targeted audience to exactly what you are trying to do for them…and THEN you can bring them to your front door.

Now you’ve got something that can raise the bottom line on and dramatically change your business.