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Sanctuary Marketing Group Founder, Chris Auman and Online Marketing Strategist, Jason Jividen field common questions we receive from our customers.

A Transcription is below:

Question: You mentioned it’s extremely important to get links to your website, how do you actually get those links to your site?

Chris: There is probably hundreds of different ways that you can actually get links.  The best way is to just create great content that people find as valuable, but there’s others a of lot of different ways and you can actually get fairly creative; you can create what’s called linked page which could be almost anything that is something that is on your site that’s appealing to your target audience that they may want to link to and say, ‘hey, now this something of value’, that could be anything from basic content, to a widget, or a video that that makes people want to link to your site.

Question: Part two to that, how can you handle external links to your own website?

Jason: You can look at it in two parts. The first is the actual raw traffic that a link on another site can lend, which is what ever traffic they have has the opportunity of linking directly to your site. That creates a raw generation of traffic there.  The second part of that is the ‘weight’ that it lends your site content from a search standpoint.  So when Google looks at the site they can see those external links linking back to this content as being valuable, they more or less count that as a vote or as a added weight or value. You have the ability to raise your search engine position based on the number of sites that are out there and the quality of the sites that are linking back to you as well.