64% of Marketers Expect to Increase Spending on their Web sites in 2011

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According to a recent survey of conducted by MarketingSherpa ,64% of business expect to invest more in 2011 than in previous years on their Web site. Judging by the source, we take this to mean increasing conversion and sales effectiveness of the Web sites overall.

On the whole, more companies were planning to INCREASE spending on online marketing efforts such as Search (SEO / PPC), Social Media, Email, and Online display ads) and DECREASE marketing budgets for ‘traditional’ media channels.

That’s not to say more money is being spent online than offline, just that more companies are planning to increase the spending compared to their 2010 efforts.

Still, the trend continues. Advertising dollars will continue flow to the media channels that can deliver the right audience for the product or service in question.

And while the shift from traditional media will continue to increase, we don’t expect it will go away anytime soon.  An effective Web marketing strategy will incorporate the strengths of ALL the media in your marketing arsenal and continue to push ROI higher across the board.

Tuning your marketing mix to eek out the best return across the entire portfolio is a process of testing, measurement and continuous improvement. It’s a never ending challenge but if done correctly, it can yield tremendous increases in both sales and profitability.