Jim Kukral on being remarkable

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We went to see Jim Kukral yesterday at the BizCamp event that we sponsored in Akron, Ohio on Thursday and Friday and let me say that he was inspiring. His approach was a butt-kicking, in-your-face wake-up call to ordinary, average and lazy business owners that they’ll never make it to great heights unless they become remarkable and stand out. You just have to find a way to stand out in the crowd against all the noise, static and attention deficient people in our society these days. It’s that simple. If you don’t, you’ll simply wither and die on the vine and be mowed over for the road that more dynamic businesses and individuals will travel.

His latest book “Attention – This book will make you money” is a wake-up call to those who think hanging with the status quo and doing things the way it’s always been done will allow you to survive in this dog-eat-dog business world. Anita Campbell from SmallBizTrends.com was at our event and recently did a review of the book on her website too. Check it out for the full scoop.

The video of Jim that we filmed (because we were chased out of the building by a fire alarm) is a glimpse of Jim and how jazzed he is about the subject. He was in the zone so he just kept rollin’ right there on the sidewalk. Enjoy his energy and enthusiasm as you hear his wrap-up where he tells you that being remarkable is the only way you’re going to survive and get what you want. Maybe you might even have a chance to be great.