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One thing that Google and other search engines love is a website that’s updated frequently. This shows Google that your site is an active resource and that it’s continually improving the information available.

At Sanctuary Marketing Group we believe that you should have complete control over your website so you can easily add and modify your content anytime you want. The last thing we want to do (unless you need us to do it) is spend time updating your website. We would much rather see you spend that money on something that makes your business grow.

With that said, we have several affordable options available for you that will give you complete control over your content – ranging from our easy-to-use Site Manager service to a robust custom content management system. Don’t be fooled by the competition that wants to sell you their content management system for $5000-$20,000. We want to make your website “hands on” at the most affordable price possible. Please feel free to shop around and you’ll find that what we’re telling you is true.

Below is a short summary of the options available if you’re interested in gaining control over your website.


WordPress is the defacto, best-of-the-breed system for blogging. I’ve used it since it’s inception and it’s become a pretty powerful content management system over the years. This is the only solution we recommend for blogging and we’re now building entire sites using WordPress on the backend. In fact, we think it’s so great that we use it for all our company sites – even though we know how to build websites from scratch! WordPress allows you to easily add content to your site, upload images, create new pages, format your text, create links and much more. It’s simply a great solution. The costs involved can vary depending on how you want it integrated into your site. One thing that’s great about WordPress is that the software is free. So the only costs involved are for us to set it up and integrate your site into the software. It’s a great solution.


Site Manager

Ok, so lets say that you have an existing site that you simply want to maintain. You don’t want to blog, you don’t need to add new pages or get real “techy” (not that WordPress is overly technical). You just need a simple way to make changes to your existing website.

Let me introduce Site Manager. Site Manager is our latest and greatest solution for updating your site. It can be integrated into any existing website where it will allow you to update your pages with ease. Like WordPress you can easily add text, images, formatting, links, etc. and you can duplicate existing pages to create new content plus much more.

Site Manager is provided to our clients for a small monthly fee that can’t be beat. Depending on the size of your site there will probably be a small setup and integration fee to get started but we like to get you up and running with as little fuss and investment as possible.

As you can see from the screenshot below, your website appears as the rest of the world sees it and all you have to do is point and click to make edits in a very “Microsoft Word-like” environment. Simply select text and click the bold button or click the image button and upload and place an image. It’s that easy.


Custom Content Management System – Website Publisher

Ok, so lets say that WordPress and Site Manager are not quite up to par – you need something that will allow you to manage a large site, create many categories and sub-sections of your site, manage user’s permissions and access to areas of the site, etc. Well, we have a solution for that too. Our website publisher platform will take you to the next level. Please contact us for full details and features if you’d like to know more.

website-pubWhat’s great about all of our suggested solutions is that they’re affordable, they’re all completely web-based which means that you can access the software from anywhere, you don’t need a doctorate degree to use them and, they’re all backed by Sanctuary Marketing Group who is here to help if needed. A simple phone call or email is all it takes to get help.

For more information about our solutions please contact us today.