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Spam is an ever increasing problem these days and for some people it can suck hours out of your week as you continually “take out the trash”. At Sanctuary we don’t claim to be spam control experts but there is a lot we can do to help our clients and advise them on how to handle spam better. Below are some ideas on how to handle spam if you host with Sanctuary or another quality web host.

Before starting, I need to stress that you really have two options. You either let a computer program decide what is and isn’t spam or you implement some way to quarantine “possible” spam that you can review later. I don’t trust any computer to make a decision as to what is spam and what isn’t because that decision could end up costing you thousands of dollars if you miss an important email.

So, in the end you’re left with some sort of solution that decides what is spam and then removes it from your inbox for review at a later date. There really is no way around this. We do provide software that will handle this for you but I don’t recommend it.

Option 1) As a standard spam blocker I would normally recommend that people use Outlook and the built-in controls there to manage spam. It works great. You might also consider forwarding all your email to an account like Gmail. Google has fabulous spam filters built into their software and it will automatically sort all offending emails into a folder for review at a later date. If you don’t use Outlook or Gmail this isn’t going to work for you.

Option 2) We have software on the server called Spam Assassin that will block spam for you or you can set it to one of 7 levels of spam protection that will flag your email subject with the words *** SPAM ***. Then you simply setup filters to automatically move spam to a folder for review and get it out of your inbox. This is included in your hosting for free and it greatly helps to keep your inbox clean.

Option 3) We can give you access to your email via a webmail interface. We can combine this will spam assassin so you can login before you download anything to your computer. This option will allow you to delete the offending emails and then continue on to download the good stuff to your computer.

Option 4) SMG can also research other spam control options and services and present you with more solutions. There is a huge industry built around managing spam and there are many options available. We’ll be glad to help out in any way possible.

Please let us know if you’d like to host with Sanctuary Marketing Group and feel free to ask us to help you with your spam management issues. We look forward to serving you.