Opera Singer Website Design

Opera Singer Website DesignWe work with a wide variety of clients here at Sanctuary Marketing Group when we’re designing websites – business owners, inventors, corporations, magicians, rock stars – even famous opera singers. Recently we’ve been working on a new website for world-renowned Opera singer David Cangelosi who has sang and performed all over the world at places like at the Met and collaborated with everyone, including living legends like Placido Domingo and many more. To show some of the work we can do and to give a preview of where David’s new site might be going, here are some of our favorite concepts! Creating this website and working with David has been a fun and creative endeavor so far and we look forward to unveiling the finished website in the near future. Enjoy.

Opera Singer Website Design

Opera Singer Website Design

Opera Singer Website Design

UPDATE: Here is the final design!

Opera Singer Website Design


Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies.

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